Søren Borch, CV

Active senior from 2013

  • Follows tech-news and podcasts on AI, democracy, virtual platforms, ...
  • Keeps up foreign languages , especially French.
  • Experiments with writing short stories.
  • Enjoys life with wife, children, grandchildren, and good friends.

Professional experience from last 20 years

ConDiv, 1994 - 2013

  • Global value chains for development aid
  • Creativity and innovation in business
  • Facilitation, teaching, advising
  • Owner and independent consultant

Development adviser, 4 years

  • Africa, 2009-2013: Value chains in Mali, Morocco, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia.
  • Guatemala, 2006-2009: Adviser in Danida's Regional Programme for Environment and Sustainable Development in Central America.
  • Honduras, 2005-2006: Adviser in Nepenthes' programme for sustainable tourisme.

Professional experience from former years

Industry and trade, 7 years

LK A/S, J.O.Værktøj and Nøglefærdigt Institutionsbyggeri:

  • Logistics, product development, organization, trade, information technology, civic engineering
  • Logistics manager, managing director, systems planner, project engineer

Consultancy companies, 7 years

Jens Bisballe Planlægning and Logisys:

  • Logistics, information technology and innovative processes
  • Employed senior consultant

University research and teaching, 5 years

Copenhagen Business School and Technical University of Denmark:

  • Research, teaching, management, development of curriculum
  • Senior researcher, associate professor, head of department, external examiner


  • Ph.d., creativity and quality in decisions (1990)
  • BA merc. in organization and strategy (1982)
  • M.Sc., engineer,  operations research and statistics (1975)
  • Foreign languages: English, French, Spanish


  • Born 1950
  • Childhood in Sweden (2 years) and Jamaica (4 years)
  • University study in France (1 year)
  • Worked in Central Amerika (3½ years)
  • Married, two grown up sons.