Products and services

Customized consulting

ConDiv delivers services tailored to customers' needs for:

  • Development projects
  • Seminars
  • Meetings.

By tailoring the services, the domain specific knowledge of the customer is combined with the  general process knowledge of ConDiv.

Examples and references to customers and tasks are obtainable from ConDiv. See for example::

Workshops (applied methods)

ConDiv facilitates costumers' workshops and seminars based on for example the following methods:

  • KreaWorkshop
  • Scenario Workshop
  • Future Workshop 
  • Kick-Off seminar
  • ExpertForum
  • Value seminar
  • Proactive seminar
  • Think Tank
  • Hot chair
  • CaféSeminar
  • Dialogue Workshop
  • Open Space

Project assistance

ConDiv delivers man power and advice for:

  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Organization development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technology evaluation
  • Project coordination, also internationally.


For the above mentioned workshops, seminars, teaching etc ConDiv draws on a number of techniques, e.g. Idea Round Robin, Silent brainstorming, Dot-voting,  ImageTombola, Devil's Advocate, various icebreakers and many more.



Courses and props for creativity

Courses and props are er explicitly aimed at ensuring creativity in group work:

  • KreaCoachCourse
    Course 2 days. Danish, English and Swedish.
    After the course the CreaCoach can facilitate small groups and ensure efficient meetings with a creative focus, i.e. getting new and useful ideas. 
    The KreaCoachCourse gives intensive training in using the KreaTool that is a box suitcase with physical props, paper forms etc.
    ConDiv collaborates with the consultancy company KreaConsult that markets the KreaConcept and the CreaCoach-courses.
  • Knowledge Based Creativity
    Course 1 day.
    The CreaCoach learns to bring the group from intuitive ideas to qualified ideas and to solid and sound decisions. 
    The course includes a comprehensive documentation (presently only in Danish) on domain models, decision techniques, advice for the internal consultant etc. 
  • GamePlan
    Course ½ day.
    GamePlan is a visual method to move creatively from ideas to results.
    Through the GamePlan the group obtains shared ideas on activities, mission, vision, values, barriers and critical success factors for a project or any other activity.
    The documentation and tools are available on a dedicated website (presently only in Danish).
  • Customized courses on creativity and efficiency through techniques that ensure the participants' active involvement at meetings, seminars and workshops.

Lectures and "Intelligent entertainment"

  • Lecture "Sex and Creativity"
    - On nurturing creative organizations.
    One hour lecture brings insight and inspiration from Darwin's selection mechanisms and from Grey's theories on good life in couples for Mars and Venus. Se selected slides from the lecture.
  • Creative pep-talk and Mini-Course on creativity
    Combines hands-on learning, pep-talk, simple tools and icebreakers with the explicit purpose of sparking off organizational creativity.
  • Improvisation theatre
    Theatre sport,  EduTainement. Performance together with the theatre group De ImproTændte.