The concept of ConDiv and Creativity

Divergent thinking:

  • Generate ideas
  • Multiply
  • Use imagination
  • Associate


  • Avoid blocking up
  • Concentrate on one thing at the time
  • Add up sequentially

Convergent thinking:

  • Evaluate
  • Reduce
  • Optimize
  • Use logic

ConDiv's focus

Keywords for ConDiv's services are:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Efficient group processes and meetings
  • Product, strategy and organization development.

ConDiv's mission

ConDiv supports and advises customers in their effort to:

  • Utilize and develop creativity, efficiency and learning
  • Stimulate innovative product and concept development
  • Transform available knowledge into customized solutions.

ConDiv's logo

The company name ConDiv, as well as the -logo refers to the focus on interaction between convergent and divergent thinking.

Creativity can be enhanced in many ways. One important way is to ensure use of both divergent and convergent thinking, og to make sure that the two thinking modes complement, and not block, each other.

An individual person can shift swiftly between the two thinking modes. Groups of several people, on the contrary, must actively keep the two modes separate in order to prevent them from blocking each other.

= New + Useful

Creativity is defined differently in different contexts, but in a business context the above definition is adequate.

= New + Useful + Implemented

Innovation is a creative idea implemented in the real world.
Creativity is an important prerequisite for obtaining innovation.
Innovation demands much more than creativity, but creativity is a core contribution.

Business context

The business world is characterized by fast technological change and marked driven internationalization.

In such a world, the life of a company is more secure and fun if the company acts as a creative and learning organization. Modern companies therefore strive to cope with the chaotic and dynamic world of our time by:

  • Using innovation and technology to compete
  • Taking offset from human creativity and desire for change
  • Ensuring both creative and efficient processes.