Selected photos from Greenland's inland ice

The jump on this photo was challenging and successful, but maybe more interesting than wise. 
(See below for other photos from the expedition to J.A.D. Jensen's Nunatakker)

Søren and his two brothers in law and the sons of the three, in total 8 men, spent all of July 2001 in Greenland.
The purpose was:

A nunatak is a mountain that is tall enough to peak out of the ice cap on Greenland.
The J.A.D. Jensen's Nunatakker are situated in the South-Western part of Greenland near Paamiut. 
The J.A.D. Jensen's Nunatakker were discovered by our forefather J.A.D. Jensen when exploring the coast land of Greenland in 1878 for the Danish government.

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Short explanation Film Dias
Large scale crevasses seen from the plane on our way over the Southern tip of Greenland S10 027
To glaciers meet in a crossing valley on their way down from the inland ice of Greenland S10 030
We walked like zombies for 7 days (3 times back and forth) to bring our equipment the 29 km horizontally and 800 m vertically from the coast to the ice edge. Each of us carried 21-26 kg. S2 026
A view back over the beautiful route we walked from the sea to the ice edge S3 027
Lau stops at a whirling river on top of the glacier S5 002
Following the river down stream we find a hole where it vanishes down into the glacier S5 005
The surface on the glacier was often snow-sump, that is mixed snow, slush and water. Here Jon breaks through the crust into ankle deep water S5 016
Here Jon breaks through the crust into thigh deep water, possibly a slow moving river S7 006
We also met large lakes on top of the ice. In the distance (8 hours away) we see the first set of nunataks, half ways to our goal J.A.D.Jensen's Nunatakker  S5 020
When on higher areas we escaped the sump and rivers. But instead met the crevasses. Here Jens is deep into one, hanging in his rucksack with only his head visible  S5 030
After a long day we found an area with sufficiently dry snow and lack of crevasses. Tents came up fast, and we went to sleep about 6 pm in order to start getting up again at 3 am, so we could walk on a frost hard surface S5 034
After having slept over for almost two days in a snowstorm, we started out again towards our final goal J.A.D.Jensen's Nunatakker in the horizon S6 008
Yes, we made it S6 009
At J.A.D.Jensen's Nunatakker we celebrated our success with cigars, hot chocolate drink and liquorish S6 013
We climbed the two most Southern nunataks. Here Lau, Troels and Søren have marked their seizure of the South-Eastern nunatak with a cairn containing a written message to future followers S6 031
Fantastic view from one Nunatak to the other. In the center one barely sees our camp S6 033
All 8 of us at the J.A.D.Jensen's Nunatakker, ready to start home S6 036
Preparing to leave a campsite early in the morning S7 014
The glacier stretches apparently for ever towards the East S7 003
We pulled the sledges with a rope. The second rope is the security rope connecting us 4-and-4. S7 004
Close to the ice edge, dust blows from the mountains. Were it gathers, the sun melts the snow, leaving a difficult surface for the sledges - and for the skiers S7 022
A few hours after this picture we reached the ice edge S7 030
Back in the hut at the sea coast we celebrated the trip with good beer S8 028